Fulfillment Game Pitch


Fulfillment is a pitch for a video game, created in my final year at Capilano University. The game would follow workers at an exploitative mega-corporation in the afterlife as they struggle to make ends meet, and was inspired by Night in the Woods, Hollow Knight, and the Disgaea series.

The main setting of Fulfillment, the city of Erebus, is built into an inverted tree and hangs in the darkness of the netherworld. At its top, NecroCo.’s corporate headquarters capture and process newly-arrived souls as they enter the afterlife.


Select characters, from left to right:

Muut is a young owl-headed spirit who works as a truck driver for NecroCo, delivering souls throughout the afterlife. By night they play in a bad death metal band and drink their dissatisfaction away. Our main character, they speak rarely and are largely a cipher for the player.

Val is Muut’s bandmate and closest, rowdiest friend. She’s prone to bar fights, and impassioned outbursts. She works on NecroCo.’s factory floor.

Anubis is a bureaucrat, desk-jockey, and nervous nerd. He works in accounting, but is putting his neck on the line to help organize NecroCo.

Action & Expression Sheets

As the main character, Muut serves mainly as a vehicle for the player. As a result, they have little dialogue. To compensate, they were designed to be highly expressive.


Concept art for several featured environments, including a NecroCo. executive’s office, the NecroCo. factory floor, and ancient ruins hidden beneath Erebus’ branches.